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Nyack Sketch Log: Giving Tuesday

If you are one of the 34.8 million people who participated in Giving Tuesday 2020, a 29% increase over 2019, here are six Nyack Sketch Logs that I have published over the last decade featuring groups that are worthy of your largess. They are, in alphabetical order, Center for Safety & Change, Hopper House Museum and Study Center, Nyack Center, River Hook: The Hester Haring Cason Preserve, Rockland Center for the Arts, Rockland County Pride Center and Soup Angels. It’s Giving Tuesday. Please give local.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Soup Angels To Serve 400 Souls This Thanksgiving

For the hungry, the First Reformed Church tower on South Broadway is a beacon of hope. Inside this building that almost scrapes the sky, an organization called the Soup Angels provides food and comfort to the needy two nights each week.

This Wednesday from 4 – 7p, Soup Angels is expected serve a free takeout Thanksgiving dinner to over 400.

Soup Angels currently has a GoFundMe-based Thanksgiving challenge. They are slightly over the halfway mark to their goal of $15,000. Search for Soup Angels Thanksgiving Matching Grant Challenge on GoFundMe to support their efforts.

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Nyack Gift 2021

The fourth Nyack Gift collaboration includes a mug that features my illustration of Edward Hopper’s wooden-wheeled childhood bike as visual comfort food.

As a testament to the resilience of local small businesses, we offer Nyack Sketch Log gear, Anise & Almond Biscotti hand dipped in chocolate from Lisa Chang’s Nyack Sweets and organic Masala Chai loose tea from Preston Powell’s Teagevity, hoping to bring some cheer at the end of another challenging year.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Hope Wade Brings Fashion Week to Rockland County

Since September 2020, internationally renowned fashion designer Hope Wade has been turning North Broadway into a runway. This Saturday, November 6, Wade his invited 14 other fashion industry artists to show their work at the second annual Rockland Fashion Week hosted by the Palisades Mall.

This week’s Nyack Sketch Log interview and illustration belong to a woman who is putting Rockland on the world fashion map: Hope Wade.

It’s Election Day people – don’t forget to vote!

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Nyack Sketch Log: William Prime Batson In Memoriam

Milestones of a life well-lived continue long after death. This visual diary of my father’s 90th year, captured daily in a watercolor portrait I painted as he ate breakfast now serves as his silent proxy. For what would have been his 100th birthday, last Thursday, October 22, 2021, a banner was hung in his honor, joining the soldiers who keep eternal vigil on Main Street for every Memorial and Veterans Day.

Through these images from my watercolors and military banner tributes that hangs at the corner of Cedar and Main Streets, let me introduce my father, William Prime Batson.

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Nyack Sketch Log: The Brink’s Robbery

Shared events define a community. The event has to be so overwhelming in its substance and scope that it becomes a link between strangers. In the years following a shared event, like an assassination, everyone remembers where they were when it happened.

For the Rockland County community, the Brink’s Robbery rises to that historic standard.

On October 20, 1981, members of the Black Liberation Army robbed a Brink’s truck at the Nanuet Mall

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Nyack Sketch Log: Nyack Center Honors Kris and Tom Burns & Ray Wright

On November 6, the Nyack Center’s Legacy Gala will honor three of my dearest friends, Kris and Tom Burns and Ray Wright. Each has been exceedingly generous with their time, talent and resources on behalf of the Nyack Center through the years. Let’s continue their legacy of hard work and generosity and purchase tickets for this hybrid event which includes a virtual gala in November and an in-person “afterparty” in May.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Pilgrim Baptist Church Installs Rev. Carl L. Washington III

Only four pastors have stood in the pulpit of Pilgrim Baptist Church since the congregation found a safe harbor at the corner of High Avenue and North Franklin in 1961. On Sunday, October 3, 2021, Reverend Carl L. Washington III was installed as the newest shepherd of this storied flock.

An eighth generation preacher with a newly minted degree from the Yale School of Divinity, Rev. Washington is an ideal fit for a church family that once included Rockland County’s first African American elected official Hezekiah Easter and hosts the communities annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. multifaith service.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Batson For Assembly

I spent a few years wondering how I would commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Nyack Sketch Log, which first appeared on August 23, 2011. Having posted a sketch and short essay about person, place or public policy issue every week for over 500 weeks, I knew I wanted to do something big to mark the occasion.

So when I made a momentous decision in June of this year, I thought that the anniversary edition of the Nyack Sketch Log would be the perfect place to share the news.

I am a candidate to represent the 97th district of the New York State Assembly.