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Nyack Sketch Log: The Futilities of Above-Ground Utilities

I know that some may say the cost of burying our electrical grid is too great to consider, especially during a pandemic-stalled economy. This is one place where we can learn from local history: both the Palisades Parkway and Harriman State Park were conceived during the Great Depression, an earlier period of massive unemployment. If that generation was able to rise to the challenge, putting people back to work and investing in the future, why can’t we do the same?

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Nyack Sketch Log: John Lewis 1940 – 2020 Resting in Peace and Power

by Bill Batson

The light of a life lived to its fullest is never extinguished. From February 21, 1940 until July 17, 2020, Congressman John Lewis dedicated virtually every step he took to the moral advancement of the United States. At our darkest hours, he march into the most perilous places, armed only with the philosophy of nonviolence and a fierce determination to make America honor the creeds enshrined in our founding documents. In death, the legacy of John Lewis becomes one of our nation’s brightest beacons of hope.