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Nyack Sketch Log: Civil War Vets Buried in Mount Moor Worshipped at St. Philip’s AME

Recent discoveries at Mount Moor Cemetery in West Nyack are shedding light on the central role that St. Philip’s AME Zion Church played in the transition of black life in American from Slave to Free in Rockland County. Thanks to the meticulous research, down to the granular level, of William Stump, a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War we are learning that many men who are buried at Mount Moor Cemetery led or were members of St. Philips, which is located at Mill and North Burd Streets in Nyack. Upcoming projects, inspired by Stump’s research, are giving epically courageous men, who either escaped the cruel institution or raised arms to destroy it, their day in the sun.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Slaves and Civil War Substitutes Fought So You Could Vote

The least we can do to honor the colored troops from the Civil War buried at Mount Moor Cemetery near the Palisades Mall is to vote today. (And if you have voted already, get someone who hasn’t to the polls!)

But while standing in line, or contemplating the future of our democracy, it’s also worthwhile to dwell on the lives of Solomon Miller, who witnessed the surrender of Robert E. Lee; and Andrew Cason, a member of the 1st Colored Cavalry.

There will be a program via Zoom entitled Mount Moor Cemetery: Time to Pay Respect on December 2, at 7p. Visit the Nyack Library events page to register.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Object Lessons from the Edward Hopper House

Author and futurist Jules Verne observed “inanimate objects by which you are surrounded have a direct action on the brain.” (Think Rosebud from Citizen Kane!) Visiting curator at the Edward Hopper House Museum and Study Center Carole Perry asked 6 artists to revisit their earliest memories and mine the material that still resonate in their work. The exhibit, Object Lesson, is aptly situated in the childhood home of America’s greatest realist painter, a few paces from the handmade toys that shaped his aesthetic.

Enjoy the images and words about each artist–perfect reading as you stand in line during early voting.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Introducing River Hook: The Hester Haring Cason Preserve

For all of its resplendent beauty, there is one thing that the Village of Upper Nyack lacks: a place for residents to gather. Hook Mountain State Park is certainly an impressive attraction, but one that is shared regionally, and controlled by the State of New York. Now, thanks to the foresight of the village and a group of residents, a 12-acre parcel known as River Hook, the Hester Haring Cason Preserve, is being cultivated as a public amenity.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Paulette Ross Retires from Retail

After 15 years of merging fashion, culture, and civics, Paulette Ross is retiring from retail. This Friday, September 25, the owner of p.ross boutique and the founder of ARTWALK will close her Main Street doors, opening the next chapter of her life.

Nyack Sketch Log talked to Paulette about the sartorial style and strategy she brought to Nyack and what comes next for the woman who built a store where art and fashion met.