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Nyack Sketch Log: Piermont Remembers

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Piermont Library is inviting village residents (through Zoom) to have a voice in how Piermont is remembered. Organizers hope Piermonters will consider Mother’s and Father’s Day as an opportunity to help their parents tell the stories of yesteryear.

I am honored to have been invited to organize this project along with my colleague, David e. Bell. Here are a few vivid recollections from as far back as the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic and information on how to participate.

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Nyack Sketch Log: The Final Report of Rockland People’s Panel on Policing

As opening arguments have begun this week in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Office Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd, hundreds of residents of this county, many of whom protested Floyd’s death in late May 2020, have been dedicating time and collective effort to end racial bias in policing in Rockland.

Here is a link to the full report, “End Racially Biased Policing, Improve Public Safety” and a synopsis of the 11 demands of immediate action.

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Nyack Sketch Log: It’s All About the Tubmans

The Biden administration announced on January 25, 2021, that it would accelerate the process of adding Harriet Tubman’s portrait to the $20 bill. The previous administration had sidetracked the plan to, for the first time ever, put a Black woman on paper money. But the American people spoke, and now the slave holder will be replaced by the abolitionist on the twenty. People might just start saving money again, reluctant to part with the first batch of Tubmans issued by the treasury.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Rockland Needs a People’s Panel on Policing

In the last month, 2 reports from New York State Attorney General Leticia James have called for substantive changes in 2 Rockland law enforcement organizations, the Spring Valley Police and the Sheriff’s Department. To our north, just yesterday, Rochester, NY joined the rogues gallery of municipalities that must explain how brutalizing a handcuffed individual–in this case, a 9-year old girl–is acceptable police procedure. To protect the public and repair the garment of civility that binds us as a society, Rockland needs a People’s Panel on Policing.