Images from the Archives


This is the last scene from the Wizard of Oz. I gave it to my niece Janae for her 8th birthday. It was the first oil on canvas I had done in decades.


Not everybody can say that they met their maker. In 1977, I met mine…Kurt Schaffenberger

Images from the archive

After studying art, briefly, at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, I took a divergent path and became an activist, first in the area of housing and labor and eventually, the arena of electoral politics. But I always carried a sketch pad. During every commute for decades, I would surreptitiously sketch my fellow subway riders.

Gray Area_Tower

This is a piece, Tower, is from my December Artist of the Month exhibit at the Corner Frame Shop.  It is also the inspiration for the following following haiku:

Took a step forward / from black and white to gray / close yet far away.

Which was posted on my friend Russ Murray’s site: