Flash Sketch Mob™


What Is a Flash Sketch Mob?

A Flash Sketch Mob is a shared experience public art making project created by Bill Batso in June 2012.  At the first Flash Sketch Mob, 100 artists took positions 12 paces apart from each other and spent two hours rendering their assigned grid of the Broadway Streetscape of Nyack. All the art was scanned and a slide show of all the work was projected on the side of a building the same night. Artists of all ages and skill levels, included three generations of several families oohed and ahhed as the collective perspective of a community emerged.

Since then, a second Flash Sketch Mob captured Nyack’s Main Street and Flash Sketch Mobs have been held at a farmers market, summer camp, elementary school and during the COVID-19 pandemic, on Zoom. 

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Offered below is a gallery of Flash Sketch Mobs hosted in the past.

Liberty Flash Sketch Mob

Blue Rock School Flash Sketch Mob

Nyack Sketch Log describing the Flash Sketch Mob

Flash Sketch Mob

Flash Sketch Mob 2015


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