Commissions & Art Classes

Front Street, Nyack, NY

Front Street, Nyack, NY

We have portraits of our families, our ancestors, our heroes and our family pets. How many have a portrait of our home? The place that shelters us, shapes us and revives us is often absent from the walls where we keep our most important pictures. Commissions can be done in the black and white, pen and ink style of my work for Nyack Sketch Log or in color. The drawings can be drawn on site or from photographs.

Fourth Ave, Nyack, NY

Fourth Ave, Nyack, NY

Commission a portrait of your home or give a gift certificate for a commission. House portraits make wonderful holiday cards. Contact me via the form below and I will get back to you regarding logistics and pricing.

Recent Commissions

bba_house commissions

bba_house commission_c

bba_house commission_d

bba_house commission_e

bba_house commission_b

One Comment on “Commissions & Art Classes”

  1. hope wade says:

    II feel like your work represents Folklore Art! Such an important artform because it captures the aura, the smell , the taste and the history of the subject you are depicting. Your artwork transcends the time and quite easily could become collectors pieces!

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