Author: Bill Batson

Bill Batson is an artist, writer and activist. He has worked for non profits, labor unions, and government in New York State as an organizer writer and public relations specialist.
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Nyack Sketch Log: Rockland Needs a People’s Panel on Policing

In the last month, 2 reports from New York State Attorney General Leticia James have called for substantive changes in 2 Rockland law enforcement organizations, the Spring Valley Police and the Sheriff’s Department. To our north, just yesterday, Rochester, NY joined the rogues gallery of municipalities that must explain how brutalizing a handcuffed individual–in this case, a 9-year old girl–is acceptable police procedure. To protect the public and repair the garment of civility that binds us as a society, Rockland needs a People’s Panel on Policing.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Remembering Old Mill Road Author June Sundvick

June Sundvik must have smiled down from heaven when SUEZ Water withdrew their proposal to operate a hub for 100 utility trucks on her beloved Old Mill Road. I was honored to work with the artist on her memoir during the last 2 years of her life. Despite discomfort and weakness, she was determined to share the bucolic tranquility of a community that is now host to the eighth largest mall in America, a quarry, and a global water company known locally for their malodorous product. Thanks to June, we have a sense of pre-overdeveloped eastern Rockland County.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Public Pressure Forces SUEZ to Withdraw Lake DeForest Proposal

SUEZ Water has withdrawn its proposal to construct a parking lot that would accommodate a fleet of over 100 trucks and would be located a few hundred feet from Lake DeForest, our region’s water supply. Hundreds of residents attended a series of public hearings from the spring of 2019 until January 2020 to protest the proposal to create, rather than mitigate, pollution hazards near the reservoir.