Author: Bill Batson

Bill Batson is an artist, writer and activist. He has worked for non profits, labor unions, and government in New York State as an organizer writer and public relations specialist.
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Nyack Sketch Log: Halloween At Home

When Sandy slammed through in late October 2012, we declared the first Saturday in November Boo Sandy Day, and made a substitute candy corridor through downtown. Now the same inventive and intrepid minds are finding ways for you to safely get your spook-on–securely at home or socially distant in public–while wearing seasonally and medically appropriate masks!

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Nyack Sketch Log: Introducing River Hook: The Hester Haring Cason Preserve

For all of its resplendent beauty, there is one thing that the Village of Upper Nyack lacks: a place for residents to gather. Hook Mountain State Park is certainly an impressive attraction, but one that is shared regionally, and controlled by the State of New York. Now, thanks to the foresight of the village and a group of residents, a 12-acre parcel known as River Hook, the Hester Haring Cason Preserve, is being cultivated as a public amenity.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Paulette Ross Retires from Retail

After 15 years of merging fashion, culture, and civics, Paulette Ross is retiring from retail. This Friday, September 25, the owner of p.ross boutique and the founder of ARTWALK will close her Main Street doors, opening the next chapter of her life.

Nyack Sketch Log talked to Paulette about the sartorial style and strategy she brought to Nyack and what comes next for the woman who built a store where art and fashion met.

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Nyack Sketch Log: Sam Waymon, Shining Star

Each year, Sam Waymon’s star in the galaxy of American Black culture shines brighter. Waymon arrived in Rockland County in the early 1970s, and was launched into the arts orbit along with luminaries like his sister, Nina Simone, and his creative partner, the iconic writer and director Bill Gunn. Films, soundtracks, and television shows that he performed in or wrote continue to be re-released to critical acclaim.