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Fresh Art, Fine Produce

Over a dozen artists, mostly school aged children, Flash Sketch Mobbed the Nyack Farmer’s market this afternoon.   As the artists-in-residence at the market, I sketch shoppers, farmers, produce and the iconic Nyack landscape each week.  Today I invited some of my neighbors to join me.  The weather was perfect for shopping at the farmer’s market and drawing outdoors.

One artist ate her still life when she was finished

Another artist needed to taste a pickle before they could properly render a barrel of pickles

Once again, the Flash Sketch Mob brought people who love art and love Nyack together to practice their craft in the open air.

Watercolor by Donna Timms

These pictures capture some of the creative energy unleashed in the famer’s market today. Stay tuned.  Another Flash Sketch Mob could converge on a public space near you.

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